MEGA MAN Android free downloading. Review and tips

Immerse yourself in history with the original game MEGA MAN is optimized for mobile phones. Now you can download it to your Android & iOS device. To download from the official site Play Store or the Apple Store have to pay $ 2. Therefore, many players are looking for where to download the mod MEGA MAN MOBILE. I would like to warn you about a lot of hype. Many websites offer you download free this game. Downloading these files from untrusted sites, you risk losing personal data. Or download an application that harm your device. This futuristic platformer has only a single purchase.


  • The full version of game download – OIRU-3298U

The story begins at the beginning of 200 s. Dr. Steve created six robots that are designed to protect the world from an evil genius, Dr. Willy. This call can take only one of the MEGA MAN robots. Controlling them you will be able to restore peace to the land. Once you have downloaded the game, you get dozens of levels in which you need to get around and destroy the defense of an evil genius.

Control of the game is made with two fingers. On the left you choose the direction of the right weapons. In addition to the simple shooting will be missiles and other, bonus weapons in your arsenal. Gameplay has been optimized for mobile devices, so the game changed some elements. Graphics is still 8 bit. This creates the effect of immersion in the past, if you played the console version.

Dynamic shooter does not get the best estimate. But MEGA MAN downloading should not disappoint you if you are really experiencing the nostalgia, or a lover of 8 bit graphics. In order to successfully pass the level you need to avoid shots and destroy the enemies or avoid them. In the game you can choose one of two modes of difficulty. If you are tired of playing in the normal mode, you can complicate the task. Using the Hard mode, the enemies will be doing you more damage. Just to pass the level you will be given less attempts.

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