Merge Soldiers! Cheats for Gold Coins for Android and iOS, Unlock all, Secrets and Cheats

New Puzzle Merge Soldiers! this is a modernized game that, with its plot, reminds everyone of the well-known game 2048. But this game presents you with a new interpretation in which you can get a lot of fun and feel like a knight. All you need to do is to drag your finger across the screen to the left, right, down, or up. Thus, you can connect the whole series of cards that are on the playing field. Initially, you yourself can choose where to distribute the cards, but later, due to the fact that a lot of cards appear on the game board, your main goal will be to correctly connect them to get the biggest card. In order to improve the game, many use the hack Merge Soldiers !, but here the question arises whether it really works. Surely you’ve already seen a lot of sites and used different methods that did not bring results, but our method differs significantly from the others.

Cheat codes Merge Soldiers! for Android and IOS for free:

· 34 000 Gold coins – К_4839Х

· Block advertising – О_4329Х

· Unlock 4 items in the game store (code must be used immediately before passing the level) – Е_4765Х

Collecting cards is not the whole point of the game. You can also watch your army attacking opponents, but at the same time, some warriors die from the clutches of zombies, wolves, monsters and other monsters. In order to quickly overcome them, use cheats Merge Soldiers !. This is a simple and free method. It will allow you to get the same privileges that donators have, but for free and without worrying about the security of the game account.

Do I need to download mod Merge Soldiers !:

What is the answer to this question, if downloading a mod has a very dubious reputation. In addition, our codes work only on official versions of games. Have your own strategy and become the leader in the game. This becomes possible only in the case of connecting a large number of gold coins (thanks to codes) and gaming experience.

Become a new champion, set records and remember that as soon as you do not have a place to move – you lose. It is best to think a few steps ahead. You can safely enter the codes, but before, read the instructions that are on our website, if you are going to enter the codes for the first time.


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