Metal Fist Urban Domination Cheat codes

The new mobile shooter by developers of Rel Boxing. Made with high quality graphics and interesting gameplay. Metal Fist Urban Domination you can free to play on Android and iOS. It also contains game purchases that will get a lot of money, energy and unlock all weapons. In the game we will take on the role of different characters, each of which will have unique skills. The various attacks and abilities we can use in single and multiplayer missions. The mechanics of the game is simple and does not require special skills to manage. Suffice it to conduct battle and continually improve your character. The game is close hundred kinds of weapons and accessories. Using them you change the appearance of the hero. Using free purchases every player can get at account additional resources for the development of free.

Metal Fist Urban Domination Cheats:

  • 35 700 Coins – ERV*ILkwVem
  • 2750 Currency Premium – RVF*J0bkspd

You do not need to use hack Metal Fist Urban Domination, to gain an advantage over other players. Everyone can benefit from the bonus codes and have an ample supply of free resources. To do this, you is not necessary root or jailbreak the right, or to download the game mod. This will play without restrictions and to quickly improve your level of play. As the level you will be available to new weapons and equipment.

The game is developed on the Unreal Technology 4, and can display high-quality 2.5 D graphics and detailed images. Vivid characters and exciting battles await everyone who downloads the game. Battle with other players will take place in the mode of 1 on 1 and 3 on 3. Collect and buy items in the game store and align with the skills. This will allow you to create a unique character that will bring you victory in battle and dominate the competition.

Create your own style of fighter and fight for dominance in the different game modes. It is a dynamic, militant action on mobile devices. Money Metal Fist Urban Domination allows you to unlock all the items, and buy powerful weapons. Proper use of skills to bring you victory and will provide even more bonuses. Share your secrets with your friends and create an unbeatable team for battle.


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