Metal Force War Modern Tanks Hack, Cheat, Tips, Guide for Android

Downloaded free Metal Force: War Modern Tanks on Android and iOS. Enjoy endless battles with other players. Participate in battles in different modes, team up with other players. Destroy as many enemies as possible and gain experience for completed tasks. Using secrets to get gold and silver. In this article, you will find tips on how to get a lot of money in the game without using hack Metal Force: War Modern Tanks. Bonus codes for money will allow free to buy expensive models of tanks and use out in the battle. Earning more points for the fight, the player gets experience and more money in reward. Resources can be used to improve technology, purchase new weapons and improve performance. Everyone will find a favorite mode in the game. Fight against all, or collect a team of friends for joint battles. Develop tactics of battle, and follow the command game when it is required. Use tips to gain an advantage.

Bonus codes Metal Force War Modern Tanks:

  • 3,470 Gold for free, code – Up#09Nl71g
  • 76 500 silver for free – IS#xAmbZDQ
  • Disable ads – NO#9OrdOQa

Earn a nice name and scare the rivals. Use the most powerful technique available for your battle. Restore the tank and continue the battle to raise the level. This will open for you more powerful units of equipment and weapons. Conduct updates on time to be one of the strongest units on the battle map. To get money, the player does not need to download mod Metal Force: War Modern Tanks, or to receive special root or jailbreak rights.

Overview, secrets and tips for passing:

Very dynamic, free game in which the player gets the opportunity to use different techniques for battles. Modern, fast and powerful tanks on the battlefield require effective control. All equipment is divided into a couple of types, fast scouts, and heavy destroyers of all living things. Everyone in the team must fulfill their role, so that the team will win. You can also play in a mode against all, where there are different models of equipment and dozens of players.

Use all the possibilities to hold out as long as possible. Continually move to be challenging targets. Use Metal Force: War Modern Tanks cheats to get money in the game. Secrets will allow you to receive more rewards and use money for permanent improvements. Choose one of the most famous countries, which includes Russia, the United States, China, Japan and Germany and defend its name. Different game modes will allow you to diversify the game process, and tips to speed up the purchase of rare technology. Use secrets and share them with friends.


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