Metal Shooter: Run and Gun Android Cheat codes, Free Money (not mod)

Colorful, free Metal Shooter: Run and Gun on Android. This is an action game in which you need to liberate the island from the robots. Penetrates into the most secret places and humiliate the enemy troops. A lot of complex missions and a large selection of weapons for the successful completion of tasks. Collect money and earn extra experience to get access to premium weapons. Hack Metal Shooter: Run and Gun will not give you the desired results on purchase. Using the bonus codes player can get additional gold without the use of a game store. Become a legend of elite warriors and earn extra rewards for performing complex tasks. Get to the enemy base and destroy it along with the opponents.

Metal Shooter: Run and Gun cheat codes:

  • 2500 free money -BVBT№3sJnYD
  • Double experience quickly unlock the task – WoNg№ZoPxH3

Here you have to shoot a lot and fight. To simplify the complexity of through the levels, you need always have the newest weapons. This allows you to quickly complete the task with fewer failures. Sometimes the approach the enemy is not easy, it is necessary to use additional boosters and flying tools. Use reinforcements and include auto mode, it will finish the task easier.

The game is made in a colorful 2D graphics. A player can shoot the right or left. Bouncing shift point and shoot in different directions. Mods Metal Shooter: Run and Gun offers to get unlimited resources and unlock all weapons. Download files from untrusted sites is dangerous. Using root or jailbreak rights, you can lose data from your device. Use the codes for additional resources.

Metal Shooter: Run and Gun  hack

After the battle the player will meet with the boss. You will have a significant advantage, using the obtained resources. Collect all of the resources in the course of passage, destroy enemies and boxes. Money Metal Shooter: Run and Gun allows you to unlock weapons and additional tasks. Passage will add resources and bonuses to your account. Use Secrets to restore life and continue the battle.


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