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Metro Conflict cheats

Trunk, gold, weapons, aiming, characters, skills, fashion, eliminate bugs – all these are cheats Metro Conflict hack. The hacked version also contains menu tabs: inventory, store, test, mail, battle log and clan. In addition, there were buttons cheats, codes – activation / deactivation. The store became absolutely free and extended. Modes: full domination – get a label and take over the attacking companion. Team battle – you must completely destroy the enemy team. Bomb – at a certain point, we lay the explosive and defend it for a certain period of time. At first, you should prepare for unusual control and shooting skills. Metro Conflict weapons do not have the usual sight, but for those who need to have cheats on sight.

Cheats, codes Metro Conflict:

1. bO865756TkX
2. BW84574dt
3. taY83574BT
4. Zc8457457vw
5. 1S467457hf
6. YJ845745Eihr

Pack, gold, weapons, aiming, characters, skills, fashion, money) + bug fixes and bugs

At the moment only 5 types of cards are present in the selection. When the rank increases, new characters are opened, each of which has different skills. The codes for any of the skills are presented below in the article. To use them very easily, complete instructions on how to enter them are presented on our website. The instruction is step-by-step, even a video is taken, which is understandable to 3 children. But if this will not be enough for you, just send us an e-mail, we will try to help. Our site does not require money, downloads of products – it is created on a free basis and supports the game for fan and pleasure without donat.

The hacked Metro Conflict without mod apk downloading:

All the characters are open at once – so you can try yourself in any image.
Automatic – automatic shooting at the enemy with 80% hit in the head. It is very effective in a mode where it is necessary to fight off countless zombarees. Cheats weapons – open all premium weapons. Transparent walls, installed a sight, fixed bugs and crashes of the game, added several maps and modes.

Metro Conflict hack

Metro Conflict hacked version of the codes

In this game, you can feel like a Marvel superhero – you can see through walls and kill opponents from somewhere. Turn on the invisibility mode and cut everything with a knife, become a grain of sand, which is simply impossible to get into. Turn on the immortality mode and cover your fellow weapons, absorbing armor and many other skills available through cheats and codes. You can activate them using the button at the top of the screen or customize the properties at your discretion.

Metro Conflict – Money, gold, cartridges, resources, weapons, autoscience, shoot without recharging, rank, experience

Metro Conflict Tips: Try to play in the training mode first, understand how to shoot weapons and practice skills before you enter the battlefield. Try to play with the team, because winning a match you will get two to three times more awards, gold, experience and weapons. Pick up first-aid kits and energy, which is scattered on the map – will increase your combat figure and promote you in the standings. Use cheats – automatic shooting, transparent walls and much more. In the hacked version of free shops, chests, weapons and all characters are open.

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