Mighty Raju Run Android free Coins, not mod. Review & Tips

Mighty Raju Run is a casual arcade game in which you need to pass the maximum long stretch on city block. Collect coins and avoid obstacles, this is all that is required from the player. But it is not so simple, dynamic movement can go off-scale, and large spiders can scare you. And even though the game is designed for children, it is quite suitable for adult gamers. It is always interesting test your skills and to develop attention. To succeed you need to collect all the coins and avoid the spiders, motorcyclists, giant gorillas and more. Use secrets, thanks to this you can get a lot of coins for purchasing in the game.

Purchases Mighty Raju Run:

  • 35,000 coins – RIEO-YE*EY

Coins allow a player to receive additional bonuses. Dual coins, more energy, and other accelerators. In addition you will be traveling with a pet. To unlock all items in the game, you can use hack Mighty Raju Run, or buy them for real money.

During the passage you have to be very careful. After all, in addition to the obstacles on the map are boosters. This way you can cheat yourself footage picking up a race car or a jet plane. This gives the opportunity to relax for a few minutes. With regard to governance, it is understandable from the first minute. Drive your finger across the screen, thereby you adjust the height of your character.


The further you progress, the more difficult becomes a game. This requires further concentration. And only the most experienced stand the test and finish the level. It is best to download Mighty Raju Run mod from the official Google Play website. Watch out for falling boulders and cranes, but do not forget that this is entertainment. The more complex the mission you complete, the better the reward you will obtain a result. Use boosters multiply coins, as well as a magnet. This will allow to collect more coins in the level. Share the secrets with your friends and show your achievements.

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