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Monkey Corporation hack

Approach of UFOs is revealed. Do not allow alien invasion! The station with a machine gun will protect against any enemies who will try to reach us! Free hack for Android, iOS and secrets of the game, The user has only fruit to destroy the enemy, only they will help in this hardly, because the unearthly race is allergic to them. Accelerate your attack on the waves to get extra fruits! The faster you make a decision, the more fruits you will get!
Use the Sheriff to deal with the most powerful enemies. His level affects the strength of the guards and the number of available skills.

Cheat codes for free Monkey Corporation hack for Android and iOS:

1) Pandora – h-ft39fa
2) Logs – Z-3q9wfr
3) Gold – N-bgd9s
4) Breaking into crystals – j-2gwd90w
5) Instant construction and study – x-g29awe8
6) Territory expansion – F-9r82we
7) Improve all guns – I-0rh9w3
8) Open all defenders – y-ge298awe. This cheat code includes guns: gatling, sniper, bubbles, agent, tysyatk, grenade launcher, watermelon, kettlebell, ice cream, milk, chocolate-liqueur.
9) Open the 5 treasures – B-h0r28qwr. And namely: a leather trunk, a silver box, a titanium safe and a chest of justice with various resources.
10) Iron barricades – f-fh093w
11) Restore the energy – S-bfg9s38r
12) Lives – 9-2gws92e

For the passage of missions you receive a reward and the higher your level, the better the prize. Also in the game Monkey Corporation has a game currency inside – crystals. For them, you can buy resources, energy or speed up the process of improvement. Gold is necessary for the construction and improvement of buildings. And to explore new buildings you will need a rare resource – pandora. All this can be obtained by typing cheats of the monkey corporation.

Free hacked game without downloading Monkey Corporation mod apk:

Another application full of interesting missions, like: “Do not let the Aliens get to the phone booth.” You need to stop these phone hooligans. ”

Do not forget about super tricks: slam the barbell, launch a rocket. Pleasant bonuses await you in the wheel of fortune, twist it every day and try your luck, there you can win gold, crystals, pandora and energy. Which will not interfere with the passage of more levels.

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