Monster Metropolis Cheat Codes for Gems and Gold without mod apk for Android and iOS

The game Monster Metropolis will make you feel like you own the whole city. But it’s not so simple. This city is constantly attacked by huge monsters and this is a big problem. You need to fight them and control them, because they can destroy everything that you have been building and creating for so long. Yes, it’s not easy, but you also have a powerful army that can destroy evil monsters. Under your authority is everything in this game, but as always, players lack gold and crystals. This is a standard situation, which requires the investment of real money. In principle, this is the standard situation. But why should you spend a few dozen dollars if there is a method that will give you these funds for free? No, this is a hack Monster Metropolis, as it does not violate the rules of the game. This is a simpler and more convenient method, thanks to which you can get a lot of virtual resources for free. If you are interested, then read this article to the end.

Cheat Codes Monster Metropolis for Android and Ios:

• Full Gold (5,000+) – B_jd9uef
• 8,000 Gems – X_je3xhu

As you can see, these codes are available for all mobile devices and this makes the task much easier, because in most cases, on the Internet there are various hacks and cheats of Monster Metropolis separately for each mobile platform. Buy all the necessary items, that is, weapons, ammunition, food and building materials, in order to build a city.

Do I need to download Monster Metropolis mod to use the codes? Secrets of the game:

If you want to use other methods of hacking (which very often do not work), then most likely, you will be offered to download the mod. But it’s better not to do this, as this can lead to problems with the mobile device. Share this article on social networks- this is all you need to do in order to be able to use cheat codes.

Fight with evil monsters in the form of a huge bloodthirsty panda, dragons, robots, mutants and other monsters. They will not stop before their goal, so you must do everything possible to stop them. Get a lot of Gems Monster Metropolis. This will help you fight monsters and easily defeat them while protecting your city. Develop the game and enjoy the gameplay.


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