MonstroCity Monster City Rampage for Android, free Gold & Gems

The new strategy for your Android or iOS mobile device. Become an evil genius, and create new, mutated animals to attack other players. An epic strategy game with beautiful graphics and a lot of monsters that will be subordinate to your management. Download the game can be free, but to get the jewels have to spend real money. Once you can use secret codes and get free resource kits. This will help the player to quickly improve the game and create a lot of mutations. Destroy bases of other players and selects the resources on their own research. Gold will allow you to upgrade buildings and acquire new genes for mutations. Using the crystals is possible to accelerate mutation and instantly get a new look. Each of them has its own characteristics and skills that a player can develop using the money.

Purchases MonstroCity Monster City Rampage:

  • 100 000 Gold – BLOJ-NW54
  • 50,000 of gems – 3E0D-FBPH

It’s really a lot of money, which allow you to play without restrictions. Many people try to use hack MonstroCity Monster City Rampage. It is fraught with the ban in the game, because the battles are online. Game store, this is the only legal place to get resources. To do this, you do not need to download the mod, or obtain root or jailbreak rights. The presence of gold will give you a strategic advantage in the game.

The game has about two dozen monsters, DNA that you can get. The game has you get the role of an evil genius for evil thoughts. This makes the game interesting, because you will be surrounded by the same researchers. They will try to take you all the resources you need to protect so as to invest. You’ll see stunning 3D graphics and colorful characters. Use the unique skills of their heroes in their evil purposes and have additional resources in the game.

Monster City Rampage money free

The main advantage of the game is the multiplayer mode. Here you can attack other city and compete with friends. Develop the infrastructure of the city, but do not forget about the defense. It will help you to survive after the attack of other players. Conduct research and cross your DNA. Cheats MonstroCity Monster City Rampage will give you gold and crystals for quick research. It are needed to raise the level of monsters to 10 stars. It costs a lot of money and require a lot of time. Share your secrets with your friends and enjoy the gameplay.


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