MONSU 2 for Android, promo Codes for free Coins

Collect cards of various monsters, run and jump into the game MONSU 2 on Android. The first part of this development was the game of the year according to the Apple Store in 2014. Since then, developers have tried and have improved considerably, many components of the game. New and updated cards. You will be able to update and develop them for the upcoming battle with the bosses. Funny, but armed to the teeth with the characters and their assistants.  They will help you to get to the end of the level and find a mysterious treasure. The money in the game presented in the form of coins and precious stones. It allow you to open more cards and collect a stronger collection. Many are looking for hack MONSU 2, but safe and legal, you can get them only in the game store. Using promo codes, you can get a small supply of resources for the passing game.

Purchases MONSU 2:

  • Double coins for 7 days – GDTK-GKTJ*4Z
  • 45 000 coins – CYIK-IZZS*74
  • 3 450 precious stones – CRK9-Z79R*PY

Free in-game purchases allow to obtain the right amount of resources for quick improving. This allows you to quickly get up and to enclose the world tree. The new version of the game has better graphics, higher resolution and detail. Management is carried out by pressing on the screen, thereby making jumps and flights. Not without new characters and weapons. The player can build the boss and use pets for help in battles.

Search for treasure that had been left by God Monsu, this is the main goal of the game. Explore ancient ruins and scout the territory. The game has a large number of unique cards and pets. Cheerful voice and dynamic gameplay will lift your mood and let pass the time. To download mod MONSU 2 best on the official websites of Play Store and Apple Store. This ensures to you getting free resources in the game by using codes.

Modernization and the search for new characters will require you to perseverance. Diamonds often allows to open the card and make improvements faster. Their usage will allow you to easily cope with the most powerful bosses. To find the treasure of God you need to combat them all. Each victory will bring new clues. Defeating the boss, you will be able to take it to the assistant and to use his skills for its own purposes. Play with the players, and compete in the achievements to get on top of the world table.

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