Cheat codes for Money Android & iOS, free Coins is a free game with a series of agar io. Here, the player acts as a cube, which can be moved on the field, eat, grow and be eaten by other players. The smaller your size, the higher the speed. Here the game is divided into squares conditional. To get away from the big, you need to calculate your speed and the speed of the opponent. This is the most important part of the game, intuitive understanding of this process will come with experience. Download mod you can for free from the official Android and iOS sites. The game has a very high level of competition, and for the money you can get a significant advantage. It begins with a small size, and in the course of the game you need to grow as much as possible and destroy as many opponents as possible to get the coin as a reward. Each player can use the secrets and gain additional coins to purchase. cheat codes:

  • android:
  • Get 15,000 coins – 03*A38XH3UC
  • Get 6,000 coins –  27*HOQM33AP
  • ios:
  • Get 15,000 coins – 20*CPH0Q4T6
  • Get 6,000 coins –  27*8G1VN6HN

The coins will unlock all of the game Mr and diversify the gameplay. Though the game is free, for the money you can get boosters and additional benefits. Despite the geometry of your character, it will constantly rolling, you need to choose the direction of swipe. Also in the game there is a weapon in the form of rockets, they can buy and pick up on the field. This can save you from death and destroy the opponent.

Many players are looking for in the network hacking, but we have to disappoint you. Immortality and unlimited money you receive by entering personal data, you can only lose them. Use of codes does not require you of downloading, root or jailbreak rights. They allow you to update your account and unlock all items and characters in the game store. The rest will depend on your response, if you have played similar games, it will be much easier. hack free mod

Using money, coins allow you to use the acceleration, the rocket. Do not forget about the standard options. When caught in a trap, it is better to lose weight, but to speed up and stay alive. When you become a big, you need a strategy to drive faster opponents into a trap. The game has a unique gameplay, but some changes, and nice graphics make the game attractive for download.


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