Mukti Camp Cheats for Free Gold, Wood and Food, Unlock all Weapons, Android

Use hack Mukti Camp without mod download. This is a strategic military game. Its essence lies in the battles of brave partisans with the army of Bangladesh. This city almost captured you, but the real warrior will not stop anything. You must fight to the last and help your small division. The whole team of players has only one goal – to win. Theoretically, this can be done without investing real money in the game, that is, you have to find the right way by trial and error, and collect the necessary resources for a very long time. But we suggest that you change the gameplay for the better without downloading Mukti Camp mod. In fact, these files, which can be downloaded on many sites are very dangerous. Their consequences can be disastrous for your gaming account and even for your mobile phone or tablet.

Free Mukti Camp Cheats for Android and IOS:

  • 6 000 Gold coins are very big money and you can get them with the code X-fh2039g, thanks to the Gold coins you will get a lot of necessary items and you will discover new secrets for passing the game.
  • In order to increase the amount of Tree and Food 10 times, you must enter the code B-fh2039g. This is a secondary currency, but without it you can not fight. Build shelters and feed your warriors.
  • Unlock 3 items or services in the game – V-fht309g. This can be any unit that you wish to unlock.
  • Block ads in the game T-fht39gvw. The game store does not give players this opportunity, but our cheat codes will help you cope with this problem.

Build your shelter in the forest and protect it as soon as you can. This is very simple if you follow the necessary rules. All these rules, especially concerning the virtual currency. You must have a lot of Gold, Wood and Food in order for your warriors to successfully continue their battles with the enemy. Watch the level of resources and replenish their stock on time.

Hacked Mukti Camp and codes for Gold Coins for free, game secrets:

All secrets of passing the game will open for you immediately after using the cheat codes. Thanks to this you can improve the gameplay and make it more interesting. Tropical forests, various dangerous missions, many weapons, new equipment – this is not all that you will find in this game. Enter cheat codes correctly. This can only be done after reading the instructions. Follow the advice and become the winner.

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