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Through many centuries of attempts, the Moon Pony was able to leave her prison and covered the whole of Equestria with darkness. Little heroines My Little Pony were captured by the Dark Princess, but the Twilight Spark managed to escape and return to Ponyville. Only joy it did not deliver, because everything around was empty or shrouded in darkness. Now Equestria will have to be rebuilt, releasing its cities from the dusk, to return fire to the six altars that can drive the Moon Pony.

HACKING MY LITTLE PONY. CHIT for gold and crystals without mod downloading:

All that was preserved in Ponyville is the home of the Twilight Spark. That’s where the bright world begins to be rebuilt. You have to build up streets, paths, shops, expand the territory. Each store needs to hire a pony worker to earn money to raise a new Equestria. There are three types of currency in the game: coins from gold, flowing into stores, hearts as a gift from friends, rare rubies that come across extremely little and are sold only for real money. Rubies are especially valuable because some buildings and ponies can only be purchased on them. However, if you bet cheat on My Little Pony, then rubies will flow like a river, and Equestria can be made as you want.

Cheat codes My Little Pony for Android and iOS for free:

  • You no longer have to deal with Donat, because with this cheat you will have 99999999 gold and crystals using code Ns-ft3g0w9t for free.
  • No Ads – Hn-frh30t for free.

The characters involved can be pumped, for which several mini-applications are provided in the game: pony-volleyball, collecting ripe apples, folding stars into constellations, flying among clouds, dancing, chasing mines. If you can not master them, then frustration will help to avoid hacked My Little Pony. Then resources will be available without barriers, and there will be more time to build a country of small ponies, not limiting imagination. This will allow you to compete worthily or, conversely, to cooperate with other players, because the game supports the network mode.

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