My Red Panda Cheat codes for Gold, Diamonds for Android, secrets & tips

For sure, you know that the red pandas are in the Red Book, under the protection of rights, because they are on the verge of extinction and are very rare animals in the wild. Hack My Red Panda will help you improve the game and give the cute panda even more fun, tasty food and good mood. Your panda plays the role of Tamagotchi. You need to take care of this cute little beast and constantly develop the game. Of course, this is not difficult, most importantly, do not fall for the bait of scammers who constantly offer to download My Red Panda mod for free. In fact, it does not give anything. Only safe and proven cheat codes will help you improve the game. Having access to the instructions you will be able to read the necessary information on how to properly improve the gameplay.

Cheats My Red Panda free of charge for Android:

  • Use the proven form of legal game hacking. Enter in your account code V-f039wfh and get 45 000 gold coins. This will allow you to make many purchases in the game absolutely free. Receiving additional gold coins will allow you to significantly improve the level of the game.
  • Diamonds, as you already know, are a more valuable virtual currency. To get enough of them, you have to use the code T-fht2309gwv. Enter it and you will receive 1,700 diamonds for free.

At the moment, the game is only available for Android, but soon the developers promise to develop a version of the game for Ios. In this case, you can enter the same codes, the device type does not matter. Well, you got a lot of Gold and Diamonds, you just have to apply them in the game and you can easily buy the best toys for your panda and the most delicious fruit. Your pet is very fond of a tasty meal. Buy new exotic fruits to make him happy.

Many Bonuses, Gold and Diamonds using free codes My Red Panda:

Among other things, you can take care of this lovely animal in every possible way. Put the panda to sleep, build a cozy house in the jungle, wash it and dress it in different costumes. All this will be to the liking of the Red panda, as this is a very playful animal. The hacked game My Red Panda is what you were looking for. But do not forget, you should download the official version of the game in order for the codes to work successfully. Read the instructions and find out a lot more useful information.

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