My Tubi Cheat Codes for Gold and Gems, Guide For Android and iOS, Free Secrets

New game My Tubi is a funny simulator in which you need to grow and bring up an infant or pet. If you choose a cute little cat – you must constantly be responsible for this animal that lives in your phone. But for the rapid development of your pet, you will have to pay a lot of money. A lot of gamers do this in order to get a lot of gold coins and crystals. You too can join them, but why do it if there is a hack My Tubi. You must remember that there is a lot of false information on the Internet that will not bring you anything but disappointment. In order to prevent this, use proven methods or those that do not require you to risk the safety of your mobile phone. Get a gaming experience and unlock many items in the game store thanks to our secret codes. You can see them below.

Cheat codes My Tubi for Android and IOS:

• 2 000 Gold Coins – L78d38dih_9
• 39,000 Gems – V36d09jix_8

At the moment, the game is not yet available for IOS devices and in general, it is now in the testing phase. If you want to change the game for the better – you should contact the developers. Using our My Tubi cheats for free purchases, you should remember that you can not enter codes more than a few times a month, this can cause suspicion, because in fact, you do not pay for the specified resources.

The secrets My Tubi for gold coins, how to use the codes correctly, review the game:

If your kitten has already woken up, you need to listen to what he wants. Sometimes, he really wants to eat and he can even cry. If your cat is distressed, you will not receive bonuses, therefore, you should take good care of your animal. Bathe it in the bathroom, feed and pour with it. Very often he can offer you a card game.

Thanks to this game, you can earn a lot of gold coins and purple crystals. They are needed in order to buy items in the game store. In order to get a lot of these resources, you do not have to download My Tubi mod. Enjoy the game and if you are interested in our secrets, then unlock the instructions on our website to find out more information.


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