Ninja Arashi Android Cheat codes for Moneya and free Gold COins, not mod

You can feel like a real ninja in the exciting game of Ninja Arashi. Many players compare it to other adventure games, but this game has a lot of features. Most importantly, you must have a very good reaction. If you just started playing this game, then hack Ninja Arashi will not help you much. Even if you have a lot of resources, they will not improve your level of experience in the game. Initially, you must pass the testing levels. You need to repeat everything that is written on the screen. Next, you need to move on the game map yourself. Do everything you need to stay alive. If you do not have enough lives to go through obstacles, you will have to go through the entire level anew. Try to develop your reaction and ingenuity.

Cheat codes Ninja Arashi:

  • 27 000 Gold Coins – 5C0*RA0ubd
  • 1 200 Crystals (Diamonds) – Y9g*8lqWap

During the passage of the level, many dangers and traps await you. The cheats that you see in this article will help you cope with these obstacles. It can be anything. Many abysses, armed enemies, deadly traps – all this awaits you in this game. In order to increase your chances of winning and completing the task, you need to use secret codes that are not hacking.

They will help you get a lot of money from Ninja Arashi. This is very important and we need a resource. Buy yourself the best weapons and perfect your hero. Buy a lot of lives. This will help to pass one section of the game many times without repeating the whole task again and again. Otherwise, the game can bother you. The game has a story and story that helps to understand the essence of the game. Ninja has to save his son, whom the devil kidnapped. You must help him do this.

Ninja Arashi hack android

Anyone can download mod Ninja Arashi for free for Android and Ios. But the point is, do you need to do this? We offer you a simple, quick and proven way of obtaining resources. You can tell your friends about this secret method and then you will receive additional promotional codes. The game is not very bright and colorful. But on the other hand, the black shadows of the characters look very mystical. Enjoy the gameplay, in which there are no restrictions.


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