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Welcome, young heroes, you will know how to use hack Nocturion for Android and iOS! We are your advice to the consuls. We are here to help you develop your settlements and expand the boundaries of the empire. We are professionals in politics, war, science and engineering. Follow our advice, do our tasks and gain fame and fortune! If you are confident in yourself, demonstrate this to us: go into the game every day and get 2000 OPs in reward! Your subjects need food and water to survive. Build a Farm and a Fountain (necessary for the production of drinking water)

Cheat codes Nocturion for Android and iOS for free:

1) Research Points – qdOqU0
2) A million resources (water, food, stone, wood) – Z71OHY.
3) Slots of production (cheats for builders) – NPqZN3
4) Hacking Nocturion on Imperial Tokens – lhHNAj
5) Cheats for pet energy – xjlVXS. You can easily improve its characteristics: skill, tactics, endurance, battle.
6) Cheats for instant construction – FisYJk
7) OP (premium currency) – XG9DBh
8) instant hikes – ApK8m9
9) the immortality of the army – zDTJBC
10) hacking for money – XNmGug

A little history of Nocturion:

On the Imperial Calendar 1197 year. The once proud Western Empire lies in ruins. Most of the infrastructure is destroyed, the fleet is destroyed, and the army is wiped off the face of the earth.
Realizing the terrible situation, seriously weakened Emperor Alexius IV called brave souls, to come forward and restore the former glory of the empire! From the proud Evergreen Capital, the future heroes stepped into the tranquil green fields of Meadows – and the horrors that lay behind them.

Meadows Nocturion were a quiet and cultural area of ​​western Vallouria. They are the heart of the Western Empire (or what is left of it). The towers of the Evergreen City, the capital of the empire, can be seen from afar from different points of the region. Although the glory remained in the shadow of the past, but the capital of the Evergreen Empire, with mighty walls and tall green spiers, still dominates the meadows. From the southwest the city is surrounded by the Mountains of Stone Guardians and from the north-east it is circumambulated by the Gemini River, creating an ideal defensive position.

Nocturion hack

Review of the game, you do not need to download Nocturion mod apk:

You stopped to reflect on the last few years of the Nocturion Empire. 3 years ago, by one stunning attack. The Scarlet Circle, an ominous revolutionary organization, seeking to destroy public order, killed the despotic father of the present emperor. While the noble houses of the Carys, Tannites, Senguins and Isaris tried to take advantage of this, outside the city of Elegor, external portals to Okeznus and Eternal Land opened, which led to the Second Split.

Desperate Alexius ordered the troops to storm the portals, which led to an event known as the Battle of Elegor. The portals were destroyed, and Alexius became an emancipation in the eyes of the people, but the victory went at a high price. The army suffered losses, leaving the throne, practically without protection.

Hacked Nocturion for Cash:

Dungeons Nocturion – this is the place on the map, on which your troops can make raids. Once these territories were strong and rich, but now bandits of all stripes keep them against the will of the Emperor. Do the first foray into the dungeon and try to take away some of the riches!

Sooner or later you will need the Nocturion Imperial Tokens. Dark times for tasks,
construction of advanced buildings and expansion of the alliance (if you are in it). Tokens can be obtained for performing daily tasks, participating in weekly competitions, exchanging from other players on the market or entering game cheats from the list below.

If the tokens are still not enough, then you can buy additional by spending OP: for this click on the small badge icon under your name. Researching new technologies in the Nocturion game is a primary task for expansion, and this requires the Research Points. Improving the workshop increases the production of Research Points per hour. You also need to improve the Farm to support advanced buildings.

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