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Oil Hunt 2 – Birthday Party is the continuation of the series of games about Reda. He is an oil collector and his birthday, you need to collect enough black gold, which his guests are so fond of drinking. Have to hunt, sit in a balloon and travel the world. Find the places of the oil deposit and pump it. You need it to create a grand party for friends. The more cocktails, the more friends will visit your birthday. Use the skills to accurately hit the oil and train the reaction to collect it. Hack Oil Hunt 2 – Birthday Party many are looking to get coins and unlock all the characters. This will diversify the gameplay and allow you to travel to different locations. Unlock all items and places on the map. Collect the treasure and use the money to increase your chances of collecting all the friends.

Cheats Oil Hunt 2 – Birthday Party:

  • 8 570 coins for free – IUWY_829
  • Unlock all characters – JZLO_819
  • Disable ads – JHC_938

Since the game is free, developers are trying to make money on many things. Coins allow you to unlock locations and new characters. Just annoying advertising constantly climbs, which is pretty annoying. To play quietly you need to disable unnecessary and unlock important items. Cheats Oil Hunt 2 – Birthday Party give the player complete freedom and allow enjoying the interesting gameplay.

Survey, guide and tips for passing:

The game has improved graphics and favorite characters. New maps and locations and a new story. The principle of the game remains the same, move to the location and try to collect the right amount of oil. To do this, you need to guess the length of the tube, then cleverly collect oil in the mouth. Pump it into a bowl and bring your friends to the beach. Oil is valuable in the game, like food, your character and friends are very fond of black-gold cocktails.

Collect all the friends will be possible only with the availability of money. Download mod Oil Hunt 2 – Birthday Party and unlock all the features offered by many sites. It’s not safe, use cheat codes to simplify and improve the game. Take away annoying ads and enjoy the characters. You expect hundreds of challenging levels on different maps. Find huge caves and collect oil for a party of monsters.

Oil Hunt 2 — Birthday Party android

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