Once Upon a Tower Cheats for Gold for Android and iOS, Unlock all Princess for free

A thrilling action Once Upon a Tower is a story about a princess who wants to find a way out of the castle and escape from the dragon. Once, the princess was locked in a castle guarded by an evil dragon. In order to release her, a brave knight was to appear. And one day he still appeared. But do not think that everything ended happily. The dragon killed the prince and the princess again remained alone, locked in a high tower. But one day, she realized that no one else would save her. Fortunately, the prince left in the tower his huge hammer, and now you can help the princess get out of this prison with the help of this weapon. For the rapid development of the game, gamers very often try to use the hack Once Upon a Tower, but they are very rarely succeeded. You can get a lot of virtual resources through purchases in the game store, but as you understand, this method also has its drawbacks. Only a few players are willing to spend real money on the game.

Cheat Codes Once Upon a Tower for Android and Ios:

• Double Gold – V_h39edi
• Unlock 3 Princess – K_hd78bui

For a comfortable and interesting game you can use the codes that are above. Thanks to them, you can destroy all enemies much faster. The essence of the game is that you can unlock all the princesses in the game. Each new princess has her own skills. Some of them have very powerful weapons and a strong blow, so you can set a new record.

How to enter Cheats Once Upon a Tower and get a lot of resources in the game:

The introduction of secret codes does not require special skills. Every player, even the smallest one, can do this after reading the instructions. But there is one condition – in order to access the instructions, you must share this article in social networks.

To get the resources right, you do not need to download the Once Upon a Tower mod, it will not yield positive results. But you can change the course of the game and get a lot of virtual resources for free thanks to our secrets. Your princess will become invincible and she will not be afraid of all the elves, goblins, dragons, fire and thorns that bar her way to freedom.


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