One Tap Boxing Android Cheat codes, free money & Unlock all Characters

Take part in boxing battles in the new sports game on Android and iOS. One Tap Boxing is a boxing simulator in which you can take part in battles. The victory will depend on your reaction. Time to leave the attack and deal crushing blows. The game has dozens of interesting characters. Many of them try to unlock using the hack One Tap Boxing. But this can be done without violating the rules of the game. To access all the characters, you can use the bonus codes. In the game, you do not need to learn combinations of punches, you only need one finger to fight. Tap at the moment of passing the glove on the target and deal heavy blows. With each fight, rivals will be stronger to be on the level of improving and train your reaction. To win, you need to closely monitor the glove and tap on the screen.

One Tap Boxing cheat codes:

  • Unlock all characters – OIR*ru489_32

This exciting game requires you full attention and quick response. Although battles seem simple enough, wins are not always easy. With each following opponent you need to improve and improve. Train the reaction and forcefully strike. The most difficult opponents are waiting ahead. Dodge and deal the most powerful blows to the opponent fell into the ring.

In the role of rivals in the game are various characters. Zombies, robots, bulls, cocks, dogs and much more. Money One Tap Boxing allows you to unlock them all and experience in battle. Although they are no different, it’s great to diversify the game. Colorful, funny characters, graphics at the highest level and interesting fights will allow to have a great time. Train and be the best of the best.

One Tap Boxing hack free mod

Many sites offer to download One Tap Boxing mod to unlock all the items and fighters in the game. This can be done without downloading and risks. Unlock all parts of the game and participate in tournaments. This will bring you additional resources and will allow you to earn bonuses. Simplified fights keep in suspense until the end of the round. On the top of the screen you will see the health status of your character and your opponents. To win you need to beat out of him all the health. Win in tournaments around the world using secrets.


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