Onmyoji Arena Cheats, Crystals, Android and iOS, not mod

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Onmyoji Arena cheat codes

Collect all the characters and enjoy a strategic game. To improve the gameplay, we advise you to use the Onmyoji Arena hack for Android and IOS. This is a very simple method, which is used since the time of testing the game. As soon as the game process becomes too boring or complicated for you, do not wait and rather enter cheat codes Onmyoji Arena absolutely free. As for the safety of the gameplay, everything is very simple. Use virtual currency and do not worry, because this is a completely free method. This strategy has hundreds of fans from around the world. To get more opportunities and experience, you can use simple codes that will bring you unlimited resources. If you want to reign over the entire virtual world, you need to do your best and, of course, use our secret codes to hack the game. Some players are still shopping at the gaming store, but we suggest that you use additional resources without investing real money.

Cheats Onmyoji Arena for free:

  • To get + 80,000 Crystals, you just need to enter the code So-rh3029r. With this code you can buy the necessary items.
  • Also, we advise you to use the code Uj-frh39r, which at a time will allow you to unlock 3 Any characters in the game.
  • Increase the number of lives using the code Yf-fh39rfk. So you can get + 100 Lives per level.

To use cheat codes you just need to download this game from the official website. This is the most important condition, because if you downloaded Onmyoji Arena mod, the codes will not work on your gaming device. In order to become the leader of battles, you must get additional opportunities. What do I need to do? First of all, we advise you to check whether the game is actually downloaded from the official site of the App Store or Google Play. If this is the case, then read the instructions on our website to find out how to enter the cheat codes correctly (in case you have never done this before).

Onmyoji Arena hack and cheats

Hacked Onmyoji Arena, many Crystals and Lives for free:

The game has a very high-quality graphics. In order to get additional features, you just use the codes and the game will be more fun. To do this, you can also use game purchases, but in most cases, players do not want to receive additional virtual currency with real money. This is understandable and logical. That’s why we’ll tell you all the secrets of hacking the game Onmyoji Arena. Read the instructions if you are interested in this topic and learn a lot about your favorite game.

You will be able to unlock many new characters and thus gain more experience, because each new hero has different skills and abilities. Remember this and try to choose the right character before the battles. This does not mean that one of them is weaker. This game is strategic, that’s why you have to decide for yourself which hero will be more effective in this battle.

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