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ONRAID cheat codes

Charges gadgets, raid boxes, resources (metal), character token, look, legendary weapons, gold – all this is cheats ONRAID. Collect crystals – periodically on the map appear energy crystals, collect them for the victory of your team. Hand over the collected – in different parts of the level there are special collectors. Collected crystals must be handed over to collectors so that they are credited to your team. Survive – with the death of the character, all the crystals he collected are scattered around. You can also collect crystals of defeated enemies. Also there is a map of rocky peaks: capture the enemy flag (come and take the enemy flag from its base). An enemy flag can be delivered only when your flag is on the base (guard it).

Free hack ONRAID:

Do not forget that the one who carries the flag is visible to the opponents on the map. They will try to liquidate it to get their flag back. Map the ice gorge – grab the sphere (a fiery sphere appears on the map – grab it). The longer you hold the sphere, the more points your team will earn. The bearer of the sphere receives a penalty to speed and has a reduced protection. The hacked ONRAID offers: Using cheats for reforging, you can get new properties of the subject or leave the old ones absolutely free (no resources are needed). Cheats of the legendary weapon – all kinds of weapons are open. No craft or resources are required. You can attack bosses as many times as you like. Raid boxes, resources, character token, shapes – it’s all free. Gift codes, vouchers and more.

Cheat codes ONRAID for Android and iOS for free + bug fixes and bugs:

1. uE7547Jor
2. gM4574Em
3. x5v3462Y
4. vL845R4
5. rQ5684ne
6. fm9562Wz
7. Tv7453mh
8. JZ7458xs
9. mC7454n6
10. 6986RHe

ONRAID android cheats, tips for passing

Heroes: Dave is a fast and mobile fighter. The whirlwind moves around the battlefield and is able to inflict high damage at a distance with the help of the main weapon – a rocket launcher, while remaining a formidable melee warrior, effectively operating a katana. Jack (Demoman) – the master of explosions, causing high damage to the area. A variety of explosive gadgets allows you to arrange a real pyrotechnic show on the battlefield, and a blast wave from shells of the main weapon (grenade launcher) – keeps the distance of melee lovers. Arnold (machine gunner) – a powerful tank. Heavy can withstand huge damage and is able to strengthen his defense and restore health. His machine gun inflicts constant damage, stopping entire crowds of enemies.

How to get free Cash without downloading ONRAID mod apk:

ONRAID characters: Shiggy (cyborg) – fights on the front with a shotgun, inflicting tremendous damage over short distances, using tactics of raid and retreat. Her gadgets help to catch the enemy by surprise traps or huge instant damage. Sigma (robot stormtrooper) is a mobile warrior who uses jet engines to quickly move around the battlefield in any direction, incinerating enemies with a laser rifle, the rays of which are reflected from the surfaces. His gadgets allow him to instantly cause serious damage.


Khan is a melee warrior capable of inflicting enormous damage. The Predator can enhance its abilities and attack speed with the help of gadgets, which makes it possible to destroy the enemy in an instant. Hazak (hermit) – has an impressive health reserve and is able to restore it at the expense of the vital forces of the enemies. Minimizes the battlefield with the help of the Lipukkot, whose shells detonate as the enemy approaches. Has a whole arsenal of gadgets, causing damage to the area and poisoning the enemy. Eydis – warrior has a large health reserve to fight in the thick of the battle. Powerful ax Eydis deals tremendous damage, and her gadgets allow in a moment to find himself next to a stunned opponent.

Tips, secrets ONRAID – the passage:

Tips: Cheats character token – can be obtained by killing bosses and opening raid boxes. Used to create weapons and guises. You get a certificate for cleaning the planets. It allows you to get a free weapon or image of appropriate quality for any hero. You can play for each character for free – every 3 days 3 new characters are opened or we recommend using the hacked version of ONRAID with free cheats and codes.

BOSSES in the game ONRAID:

Warbot – the boss uses several types of different attacks, each of which requires time to aim. Carefully follow his actions and, if possible, dodge them. Gathering the necessary details and cheats, boss Warbot creates a droid, which pursues one of the players. If the droid gets too close to the target, it explodes, causing significant damage. The boss periodically creates a hacked shield, protecting himself from one side. The shield protects against most of the players’ attacks.
Boss Lavagor-though one of the players should be next to Lavagore, otherwise the boss gets mad and becomes immune to any attacks (use the ONRAID cheats – the hacked version will help you to deal with bosses faster). It’s best to change with your partners. The earth is constantly ignited, but in those places where players stand. In turn, from the ceiling, periodically, stones begin to fall. To avoid damage, you must constantly navigate the map, avoiding danger. The damage of Boss of Lavagoras and the fire impose on you the effect of ignition, causing significant periodic damage. To neutralize it, use hacking cheats on first aid kits, gold, weapons.

Boss Zork – when he starts to glow with yellow light, accumulating energy is a sign that he is ready to release a large number of neutron bombs. Do not stand next to him at this moment, otherwise most of them will immediately fall on you. Bombs fly slowly enough. From them you can dodge, take advantage of the hacked version of ONRAID, cheats, codes, or destroy them with a few shots from the weapon. Boss Zork goes through a phase of teleportation. It gradually dissolves in space. And at the last moment of disappearance, a volley of missiles is flying in you. During invisibility, the boss does not attack the players and disappears from the radar, moving to a random point of the terrain. If Boss Zork begins to unwind, then soon he will attack the laser with the chosen target. If the goal is you, hide from him behind an obstacle.

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