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Overpainted hack

We want to please our dear users signed to our site vseig.ru by the fact that the platformer called Overpainted came out quite unusual in its entertainment and plot. Many at once will exclaim: “yes really? And than this application differs from set of others similar on a plot?” The answer arises by itself. Firstly, I was pleased not by the standard gameplay, it’s all the acuity that gives you the mission to Overpainted from a dark room without walls and any hints about where the traps are hidden. Yes, yes, the user does not see any walls, no barriers, and even more deadly traps. But we will reassure you that you do not see them until you start moving around in the location. When your hero touches the surface in all directions, a multicolored paint is sprayed and thus the level is drawn and awareness begins that here and what.

Cheat codes Overpainted for Android and iOS, for free:

1) new missions – o-fbt9238

2) the location is immediately open – n-fh0239

3) download to your computer – q-fh0239

4) remove ads – s-h2039

Walking into the unknown saves only one thing, that after the death the hero’s rebirth is overpainted in the same place and the traces of paint remain. To pass the mission you need to destroy all the opponents by jumping on top of them, and then get to the portal that appeared. There is also a hidden element in each location. – Brush, but their collection is a secondary task.

Hacked Overpainted, secrets and tips:

The game Overpainted consists of five chapters, each of which includes twenty levels. The last level of each chapter is the battle with the boss, the fights with which perfectly diversify the game process and cause curiosity, for which you want to cope as soon as possible with the previous levels. Naturally, with each major levels will become harder and more extensive, so you will require a certain skill and dexterity from you.

A lot of Cash without downloading Overpainted mod apk:

Speaking about the management of the game Overpainted it is worth noting that you can independently adjust the width of each active zone, thanks to which it is possible to customize as much as possible for them for themselves and their android device.

The game is very impressed and we will continue to issue cheating hacks and letter codes for additional missions, new bosses and much more. Do not forget that Overpainted is available for free in Google Play.

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