Panzer Force: Battle of fury cheat codes for Android, free Gold, not mod

Download free Panzer Force: Battle of fury on Android or iOS and participate in massive, tank battles. Fight with players around the world, raise the level and unlock the most powerful models. Get experience of battles and develop your own strategy to become a winner in the game. Use the most famous tank models: TigerⅡ, Type 59, IS-3, Centurion, AMX-13 90. Use the money to buy new items and weapons. Install them on a tank and get unique properties. Using a hack Panzer Force: Battle of fury, the player can damage the device and lose the account. But you can get gold and silver in the game for free without breaking the rules of the game. Bonus codes on resources allow you to get a lot of money without downloading mod files and getting root or jailbreak rights. Become a real legend, having in your own fleet of vehicles of the highest level.

Codes Panzer Force: Battle of fury for Android & iOS:

  • 500 000 silver – SK7#J8yb7zXC
  • 5,350 gold – G85#lHJnq1Te
  • Full fuel tank – C5D#hNQvkIkV

Money in the game will allow you to quickly and quickly raise the level in the game and unlock the most powerful combat units. Gold is the premium currency of the game, with its help you can restore fuel reserves, buy paid items and accelerate the improvement process. Buy the most expensive equipment and increase the characteristics of the fighting units. Cheats Panzer Force: Battle of fury allow you to play for free and without making gaming purchases.

Short overview and tips for passing:

The game is a free strategy with a lot of military equipment. Each tank has its own commander. Raise the character’s rank to get a wide tactical ability. The game has a gray graphics inherent in the times of the second world and interesting gameplay. Battles take place with real players, placing forces against each other. Everyone uses the opportunities, and attacks that the chosen technique can inflict.

To get gold and silver for free, the player does not need to download mod Panzer Force: Battle of fury and risk personal data. Get the rank of general for your character and open additional opportunities for improvements. Each player has the opportunity to develop his own fleet of military equipment and use it to carry out operations for sweeping. Use the landing and other advantages for winning. Share your secrets with friends and compete with your achievements.


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