Permia Duels Cheat codes, Android free Money and Crystals

Card game Permia Duels is also strategic. In order to overcome all the levels, you will need a lot of resources and the right strategy. Your battle with other players is a strategic mental battle. If you want to win quickly, you need to know some of the secrets. Each league has its own in-game status. To improve it, the players have to work hard. But not everyone wants to do it. Since the game is really interesting, gamers want to know what lies behind the subsequent levels. For this reason, many gamers are looking for hack Permia Duels. Find it is not easy. You have to remember that each site on which you are looking for such information should be checked. Otherwise, you will be deceived.

Cheat codes Permia Duels:

  • 30 000 Coins – W6FU-11SSIG
  • 10 000 Crystals – ARFG-D88YNK

The game has a lot of different characters. They allow you to make the gameplay more varied. Each character has their own personal skills and abilities. You have to know them all. Otherwise, the opponent wins you quickly and easily. In addition to the skills and tactics of warfare, you must have a lot of money Permia Duels. But to get them is not so easy. In game store selling coins and crystals, but they are very expensive.

Also, gamers will have no desire to spend private time in order to earn virtual currency. If you also consider yourself to this kind of players you can safely use the secrets that are listed in this article. Cheat codes Permia Duels, which you can see above are the easiest way to obtain a large amount of resources in the game. Another good news is that you can use absolutely free. All you have to do – read the instructions carefully.

Permia Duels hack

Each of your move in the game can not be accidental. Tactical games do not tolerate errors. And this game is no exception. Of course, you can try to download mod Permia Duels. But you should know that the hacked version of the game is not available to all users. Moreover, you will definitely be able to get it for free. While the game is in beta testing, you have the opportunity to experience the secret codes. Thanks to them, you can quickly and free of charge to raise game level. In addition, you can receive an additional bonus codes, for this you need to share this information with your friends.


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