Pirate Chronicles Cheat codes for Android, free Money – Tips, Guide

Real pirate adventures in the game Pirate Chronicles are already waiting for you. In order to turn your island into a huge and beautiful, you must build a certain tactic of action. You can download the game in App Story absolutely for free, but Android users will have to wait a little before downloading the game, because this version of the game has not yet been developed. But the developers claim that there is not much time left to wait. This game is very exciting and if you have already started the game, then it’s unlikely that you will get to stop there. But for a more interesting game you need to have virtual resources. Everyone can get them for free, but you should know that hack Pirate Chronicles is not the best way to accomplish this goal. Real pirates are looking for treasure and this game is no exception. After successfully passed levels you can unlock a lot of treasures, if you want to unlock all the items, then you can not do without secret codes.

Bonus codes Pirate Chronicles for Ios, Android:

  • Pirate Chronicles Collectors Edition – OIF_3298*eu

The game has a very intriguing plot. If you really like adventures and battles, then this game is for you. Cheats Pirate Chronicles will help you carry out your plans and get a lot of money in the game. Of course, you can do without it, then the game will be a little boring and can quickly bother you. In order to prevent this, use our codes.

Review, the secrets of the game:

As you already understood, everything needs to be done very quickly in the game. From this depends the final result and the amount of experience. You are on an island, and as soon as a green tick appears near the fruit bush – you must collect all the fruits as soon as possible. This applies to everything, at the top of the screen is the time indicator. If you do not have time to complete all the tasks on time, you will lose.

Do not be afraid, in order to extend the time or make your hero move faster, you do not need to download mod Pirate Chronicles or enter your personal data. Our codes work without additional downloading of files. Thanks to our tips, you can easily overcome the evil pirates and free your loved one. Before you enter the codes, read the instructions and share this article on social networks.

Pirate Chronicles android mod


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