Pixel Drifters cheat codes for Android & iOS, free Coins & Unlock Car

Take control and drift around a multitude of obstacles in the free Pixel Drifters. You can download it from the Apple Store, but soon a version on Android should appear. Expected game with exciting gameplay and retro graphics. Sit behind the wheel and perform maneuvers, earning points and money. Use the received resources to buy new cars, but before that you need to unlock them by getting the desired level. Players who do not want to spend their own time often try to use hack Pixel Drifters to unlock all cars. In this article you will find tips and secrets on how to open all the wheelbarrows in the game and get money for their purchases. Although the game is free for downloading, there are purchases in it, it’s rather difficult to bypass them. Some cars are difficult to get and try on the tracks.

Codes Pixel Drifters:

  • Unlock all car – VF#dtBxdday
  • 50 000 coins for free – 13#ONAxJOYi

Choose a job, drive and enter the endless race on the mobile. To successfully pass the level you need to drift around obstacles and collect as many coins as possible. In this case, the player earns experience points that will affect the level and access to the following tasks. While completing the mission you will be able to unlock the entire transport fleet, but using the Pixel Drifters cheats it can be done quickly and without wasting time.

The game has retro graphics, dozens of unique transport, fascinating gameplay and convenient controls. Each transport has its own speed and control characteristics. It’s interesting to try them all on different tracks and assignments. Throughout the map there will be scattered coins, collecting them you can make purchases in the game. But money is often not enough to buy the desired car.

After downloading Pixel Drifters mod to Android, or iOS player gets an excellent game. To successfully complete dozens of missions and experience the entire transport will need to spend a lot of time. You can do this without hacking and breaking the rules, but anyone who wants to do it quickly will help the secret codes. Drift in the arena, circumnavigate the gates, mills and other obstacles raising your own level and unlock all items.

Pixel Drifters cheat codes


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