Pixel Strike Online Cheat codes,not mod, for Android free Gems & Coins

Participate in online battles, download free Pixel Strike Online on Android. Enjoy endless battles with zombies and other players. Collect coins and buy powerful weapons. Perform single tasks and raise the level. Discover the multiplayer mode with endless battles with other players. In addition to the coins in the game there are precious stones. They allow you to buy paid weapons, so players often looking for hack Pixel Strike Online. You can get diamonds and restore life without breaking the rules of the game. Use the bonus codes to wind up the right amount of money on the account. This method does not require the receipt of root or jailbreak rights and gives complete freedom in the game. Enjoy the battles, unlock different skins and use the most powerful weapons. Do double kills and gain more experience and points after completing the battles.

Pixel Strike Online codes:

  • 20 000 coins for free – TOUR_3021
  • 1 500 gems – IUDH_8493
  • 999 lives – VKXU_3828
  • Disable ads – VNLK_8327

Use weapons to gain as much experience as possible. Increase the level and open new levels and modes of play. Make purchases to deal more damage to your opponent. Destroy entire hordes of enemies and move away from bullets. Move quickly and use the external environment to hide from tanks and guns. Premium currency will allow buying any weapons, you do not need to download mod Pixel Strike Online, or enter personal data.

Review of the game, guide and secrets of the passage:

A wonderful action shooter created on the basis of pixel graphics. Nice picture and high dynamics of battles. Optimizing the game allows you to play not on the newest phone models. Controls in the game are conducted using the joystick and the shot button. Carefully watch the number of bullets left and restore lives. Play without limits, using the Pixel Strike Online cheats you can play without limits.

In the main menu you can see the characteristics of the character and buy new weapons. Entering the battle, you fall into a world of chaos, where you need to quickly move, just shoot and escape from the traps of the opponent. It is very important to find your weapons, each of them has different range, accuracy and scatter of bullets. Shotgun, AK-47, pistols and machine guns.

Pixel Strike Online mod android

Share your secrets with friends and fight together on the map. Do a real war with tanks, explosions and chaos. Use tips and unlock all weapons.


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