Pixelmon Hunter Cheat Codes for Cash, Android and iOS, not mod

Pixelmon Hunter hack, not mod is a 3D pixel world of Pokémon, in which five different elements will compete. You need to choose one, the one for which you will perform and fight, it can be fire, stone, lightning, nature and ice. Selecting one monster, you will have the appropriate weapon and you will be able to go into battle. In the game you can try all the elements and then you will understand which one suits you best and likes. Create your own strategy to defeat other monsters. In the game there are various razimi and unusual graphics. You will need a lot of money to improve your character, as well as on purchases. But when you have our Pixelmon Hunter cheats, you can not worry about it. At you all to turn out. To battle.

Pixelmon Hunter for Android:

  • Use the code to get 500 000 money for purchases in the game, free of charge – PH12df34hj

Hacking Pixelmon Hunter on Android, you will have the opportunity to get our secret code for money. All our cheat codes are completely free and do not need additional settings. You no longer need to download cheat codes or buy special device rights. Also, you do not have to worry about the safety of your device, since all our Pixelmon Hunter codes are safe for any of your devices. They can be used many times and all the time for free. It’s very simple and fast. If you have not already met such cheats, then go below the link and see the details in the instructions.


elcome to the world of pocket Monsters! Choose your monster, get the weapon and join the battle!

Every player in this block game controls its own arenas, fights and creatures types! Learn how to take the control over each element to invent your individual battle tactics. In edition try an adventure mod and collect all monsters types: fire, water, electric, stone and others.

2 game modes:
– multiplayer mode (with another players)
– single player mode (you vs. bots)

Main features:
– Great creatures with colorful skins
– pixel 3D world
– A lot of weapons: Swords, Magic Staffs, Cannons and others!
– Awesome arenas: Red Fire Top, Windy Sky Ship and others!
– HD graphics
– Atmosphere sounds
– Skins exporter

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