Planet Commander hack Android, free Gold and money cheat codes

Space battles on Android and ios can be downloaded for free from official websites. Planet Commander is a space action game with the ability to battle with other players. Take control of a small ship and learn how to manage it. After this, the player can open access and unlock battleships and heavy ships. Each of them has the characteristics of speed and combat power. Upgrade the ship for gold coins and precious stones. The latter are a premium currency, so many are looking for hack Planet Commander to get a lot of money into the account. In the article you will learn how to use bonus codes and get free resources on your account. This will allow us to develop our fleet in the shortest possible time, and install powerful weapons. The player does not just need to destroy the enemy ship, but also destroy the base, which allows you to choose the strategy for the battle. Using secrets, each player can get additional resources into the account.

Planet Commander cheat codes:

  • 45 000 gold coins – VPTIZ-1VUNO
  • 9 000 precious stones – OYZ44-APDPQ
  • Double experience (fast receipt of title) – G36IV-PKZ9X
  • Unblock paid ships – M22NK-ONZPE

In addition to the money Planet Commander in the game you need to get ranks, have a level to get a certain ship. This adds harmony to the speed of game development and allows you to align donators and ordinary players. Therefore, to get a powerful ship, you will need to conduct enough battles to earn a name. The code for experience will speed up this process, but you will not get all the benefits instantly in the game.

Each player can download Planet Commander mod for free on their device. This will make it possible to obtain a unique development for a battle on space ships. In the garage you can carry out improvements and improve the characteristics of the ships. Coins are also required to install weapons. It is divided into main game, missiles and other. Its installation allows to increase the characteristics and gain more combat power in battles.

Graphics in the game at a decent level, drawn details. The most impressive ships, their size and power. Collect the fleet and install the best equipment to squeeze out as much as possible. Various equipment and weapons allow to obtain a unique combination, which makes the outcome of the battle unpredictable. Unblock access to the superheavy ships and fight at a new level using secrets.

Planet Commander cheat codes


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