Plants vs Zombies Heroes free Gems & Pack for Android & iOS, not mod

Plants vs Zombies Heroes is a continuation of the game in which the evil Dr. Zomboss finished creating another devastating weapon in the battle. This is not a new game, just supplemented by Plants vs. Zombies, which can be played on PCs and on mobile devices. The story begins with Dr. Zomboss and his creation called Hero-Tron 5000, which will allow him to turn all the zombies in powerful heroes. Nevertheless, Dr. Zomboss not planned any malfunctions of devices, and while he has turned all the zombies in powerful heroes, he has also accidentally turned all the plants in the powerful heroes.

Cheats Plants vs Zombies Heroes:

  • Legendary pack – pZH_ #7H4V7F34
  • 2800 gems – pZH_ #VCHY48QQ
  • 7200 gems – pZH_ #TV123XJW
  • Starter Package “Fertilizer» – pZH_ #HEAV0GPQ

Plants vs Zombies Heroes Hack  allows the player to get the premium currency in the game for free. To do this, players do not need to get root or jailbreak right, or enter personal data, which makes this method completely safe.  Gameplay in game consists of a vertical lawn, which consists of five lanes. Zombies are placed on the position of their heroes, then you are given the opportunity to choose plants for the battle. This can be compared with the card game, gameplay has a similar system. Each plant has its own health indicators and the damage that is displayed in the relevant paragraphs. To win the round you need to choose the right plant for the battle and strategically use their opportunities.

Availability of gems allow you to significantly speed up the transmission and increase the level of card without delay. Using the codes you will get a lot of money Plants vs Zombies Heroes on your account you can get a great head start in the battles. Each victory will allow you to open a new character or trick. As you progress through the game with cheats, you can quickly collect and unlock powerful plants and techniques.

The game has only one game currency, in the form of crystals, so there are several ways to get it, but the easiest and fastest is free purchases. To use them, you do not need to download mod Plants vs Zombies Heroes, or other programs. They not only do not work, but also can harm your device. Free codes work on all Android & ios devices. In addition to obtaining the crystals, the player can open the packages with the characters that accrue to those who put money in play.

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