PLAYMOBIL Ghostbusters hack codes for iOS and Android. Tips for free Energy

Ghostbusters are back in the game PLAYMOBIL Ghostbusters. Yes, yes, in this game you have the opportunity to wander through abandoned houses and gloomy buildings and destroy ghosts with the help of special weapons. At the beginning of the game, you might think that the gameplay is too easy. But this is not so. You have to buy the most powerful weapons, replenish energy and resume the number of lives. This is the biggest problem. In addition, at the beginning of the game your character is very slow and you must increase his strength and energy. Just for this reason the hack PLAYMOBIL Ghostbusters is very popular. After all, every player must pay real money in order to get additional lives, weapons, energy and other necessary items. Each player can realize his dream and defeat all the demons that hide in abandoned buildings or houses.

Bonus codes PLAYMOBIL Ghostbusters for Android and IOS:

  • Double Energy – 5YeOSsaQNr
  • Unlimited Lives – 1HCM9O7LTv
  • Unlimited Traps (at one level) – 5YgJ4KMrWw
  • Double Speed ​​- 4PwA6nZM9E

Above you can see the resources that you need to get for a full game process. After entering the codes you can change the whole game process. All you need to do in order to know how and where to enter the codes is to read the instruction. Cheats PLAYMOBIL Ghostbusters is a simple and safe way, thanks to which you can fight with ghosts faster and more efficiently. Do you want to get additional ghost traps and a lot of free lives? Then our method will help you.

Secrets of the gameplay, a brief review of the game:

Each player has the opportunity to develop the gameplay. But developers strongly recommend that you spend money on gaming purchases. Of course, you can do this, but why if there are secret codes due to which it can be done for free and quickly. As for passing the game – you need a quick start in order to unlock all the team members and get a super car on which you can chase ghosts.

Moving around a complex game map, you have to come up with your own strategy. If you have already begun to destroy the ghost, then you need to do it to the end and push it into a trap. This process takes a few seconds. But sometimes you can not wait that long, because you need to fight with several ghosts at once. That’s why you need codes that do not require downloading PLAYMOBIL Ghostbusters mod. Share this information on social networks and enjoy the gameplay.

PLAYMOBIL Ghostbusters android


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