Point Blank: Strike Cheats for Diamonds and Gold Coins, Best weapons for free, secrets

A new game from NEXON is already available for Android. Strategic action Point Blank: Strike – is a game of a new generation. Why it can be called so? If you have not downloaded it yet and have not seen the graphics of the gameplay, then do it sooner. And if you have already become a fan of the game, then you are well aware of what is at stake. Incredible quality of the game process explains the excitement and popularity of this game. Despite the fact that the game does not yet have a lot of downloads, since it was released very recently, the developers claim that it is rapidly gaining popularity. If you do not already know how to get free resources in the game, then our article will tell you how it can be done without using a hack Point Blank: Strike. The main problem for all players who like to fight with other gamers in real time is the lack of diamonds and gold coins.

Secret codes Point Blank: Strike for Android and Ios:

• 1900 Diamonds -H#_Fg39we8f
• 12 000 Gold coins -K#_Dg9w8ec
• Double lives and experiences -S#_Dfweoi83

Every battle can bring you a certain amount of virtual resources, but it’s not enough to buy all the necessary items in the game store. Initially, you need to get training. The game will show you how you can defend and defend yourself. Use different weapons and grenades in order to gain victory. But the most important indicator, which you must constantly monitor is the indicator of health. It is very risky to engage in a fight if you have only a few percent of lives.

How to enter cheats Point Blank: Strike is right for getting free diamonds:

At the moment the game is available only for Android, but soon you will be able to download it for free also for Ios. In this case, you can enter the same codes, because they work on all types of devices. The game features various styles and modes. Also, you can fight in different localities, choosing game cards.

Get gold and diamonds, double the level of experience and lives without downloading Point Blank: Strike mod thanks to our secrets. You can find additional information on our website. Read the instructions and learn many new secrets, as well as the details of introducing cheat codes. If you are interested in the details, then share this article on social networks. This will unlock the instructions and give you access to the necessary information.


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