Pokemon Duel for Android, free money and Crystals, code

Pokemon Duel – is a strategy game on Android and iOS. Here you can earn coins and diamonds and buy your favorite character to fight. Create your own army to get a chance to reach the top players. To win in the league you need to defeat dozens of enemies. The result of the fight will depend on your strategy skills and luck and level of Pokemon. Each team member has their own skills and characteristics. They are used when two heroes are on the map. With the victory the player gains experience and coins. From your level depends the ability to improve your heroes. In the fight involved 6 characters. Pick up pets with different capabilities to more effectively battle. Each player can get additional resources to improve for free using secrets.

Pokemon Duel codes:

  • 7 500 coins – 4O5T-1RCE
  • 550 crystals – 98RG-FL18

In the game there are two currencies. The coins you can earn in the matches, and rubies are bought for real money. In order not to spend money on game store, many players use hack Pokemon Duel. But by checking a lot of sites, it rarely works. With the purchase in the game store you do not need root or jailbreak rights. This bonus resources that will strengthen your team and get stronger pokemons.

Rules of the game are quite simple. To win you need to first put the figure at the point of the enemy. If an opponent takes a point near your heroes, you lose. To reach the goal, you have to move your pieces on the field in different directions. When the figures are found, the battle is happening. The drum begins to cool and fall ability to figures who have dropped out victorious, the one is on the field. The loser goes to the freeze and is not involved in the further battle.

Pokemon Duel cheat

To win you need to make a lot of decisions to attack or block. The choice is made based on the experience and knowledge of your figure and the figure of the enemy. Carefully choose the route and outwit the enemy. Using Pokemon Duel mod you can get more diamonds to purchase. But that does not make you more experienced player. Participate in online battles, explore all the features of the figures. The figures are different possibilities for movement, as in chess. So be vigilant not to miss an opponent to yourself


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