Poly Gun 3D for Android, free Codes for Money and Weapons

Poly Gun 3D is an online multiplayer first-person shooter. Choose your character and dive into the real battles on your mobile phone. Here you will see beautiful graphics and dynamic battles. They can continue forever, the game goes against the two teams. After death, you can be reborn, and so wins, who first gained the right amount of points. It is worth noting the quality of the development. The graphics in the game is very nice and bright, interesting characters with different abilities. Choose your favorite hero and weapons. To win, you need to kill as much as possible. The choice of weapons, bombs, armor should depend on your style of play. Victory will not be easy to kill the enemy you need to put a few accurate shots. You can use bombs, machine guns, and other items that will help you in battle. To unlock all the elements of the game, use the secret codes.

Codes Poly Gun 3D:

  • Unlock all the characters – NBwiYmnX
  • Unlock all weapons – YUt0hEQk
  • Unlimited purchases in a game store – NfDd1vRQ

This command shooter that requires you to experience and skills of warfare. Choose a shotgun and crumble all approaching closely, or shoot from a distance using the machine. Sounds allow plunge into battle with his head. Many players are looking for where to download Poly Gun 3D mod. After all, the game is worth the attention and can brighten up leisure. Ultra-realistic 3D graphics with high-quality animation. Unique and interesting characters, and a cannon.

Infinite battles await you, use your arms to get the victory. Play with the team, make ambushes and use the advantages of each other. Each team has its base, it is possible to capture and deliver reservations. Each player has its advantages, whether it be a shield, bomb, or a machine gun. This makes it possible to cope with a lot of enemies. Aim and shoot as much as possible to get more points and rewards after level completion.

Poly Gun 3D ffree codes

Each player at the beginning of the game has the opportunity to enter a name and make it known in the game. While the game is tested, you can use hack Poly Gun 3D and get additional resources for in-game purchases. This will open up to you the opportunity to choose and use the most powerful weapons and bonuses. The developers promise to add even more interesting maps and characters. Use the tips and get an advantage. Share with your friends, play together.


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