Pou Cheat codes for Android, iOS, Cash, not mod

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Pou Hack and cheats

Pou on the idea of ​​the developer – this alien extraterrestrial. The application is a kind of Tamagotchi, provides for the care of this brown creature. You have to take care of Pou and follow him, After all, we are responsible for those who have tamed, well, by the fact that he simply dies. The main characteristics of the hero: food, energy, health and entertainment. Small indicators on the display at the right time will inform you of all the needs of the pet Pou. Colorful and unusual simulator of a domestic pet, which stands out against the background of dogs and cats.

Free Cheat codes Pou for Android and iOS, not mod:

  • Get + 580 000 Cash for free – Sx-rhy0qw2r
  • No Ads – Rd-fr3g8
  • Unlock 3 Items for free – Ck-rg38q9w

In the toy there are several rooms for Pou. If you want to change the situation, you can take him to the kitchen, to the playroom, to the bedroom or the bathroom. Unique items will meet you in every location, for example food, various mini-games of Pou in the end. Careful approach to the care process and timely satisfaction of all indicators and needs Pou will provide the pet with a stable growth and, accordingly, an increase in the level.

How to hack Pou at endless money?

The whole process takes quite a lot of time, so every player would like to make a hack Pou money – the main currency of this application, thanks to which you can get all the gaming advantages of Pou in a short time. Cheat Pou will open for you boundless opportunities for creativity, unlimited financial barriers. Make all the desired fantasies in the colorful possibilities of a wonderful toy Pou with an unlimited budget for game currency. Care for the pet Pou without fear for wasted money, which are extracted with great difficulty in the ordinary game. Pursuit of the opening of gaming advantages sooner or later bothers, and the player wants to get everything and immediately. It is in such cases that the breakdown of the toy comes to the rescue.

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