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Prey Day Survival hack & cheats

If you like games based on the movie “I’m a Legend,” then you should download the game Prey Day: Survival – Craft & Zombie. This is a mixture of action and simulator, in which you have only one important task – you must survive at all costs. The most important resource in this game is Money. You can use hack Prey Day Survival, in order to save a large amount of real money and get an unlimited amount of virtual game currency. Almost all games of this genre have a similar plot. The virus of a deadly plague spreads all over the world, but doctors can not help people, since after death all infected people turn into terrible mutants and bloodthirsty zombies. To survive in this world you can use special codes. They will greatly simplify your task.

Cheat Codes Prey Day Survival for free for Android and IOS:

  • The most important resource in the game is money. You can get + 700 000 Money for free using the code Ns-ght039t. With this virtual currency you can buy any items and weapons in order to survive in the world of zombies.
  • During the passage of the level, your hero can get hungry or lose his strength. In this case, you do not need to look for additional resources in the district, because there may be zombies. Just enter the code Uh-fhf093wth, which will allow you to increase the amount of Energy and the Saturation level to the maximum.
  • Block ads in the game – Sx-ht38gtoh for free.

This game is also strategic. This means that you must clearly think out where it is best to spend money, how to get food, how best to build a shelter, where to find weapons and a place to stay overnight. Night is the most dangerous time of the day. Best of all, if you find a clan with people, thus, it will be easier for you to cope with the dangers. But you must know that everything is not so simple as you might think at first glance. Sometimes live people can be more dangerous to you than zombies, be careful and count only on yourself.

Hacked Prey Day Survival for Money for free, Secrets of passing the game:

Games about Zombie Apocalypse are very popular. This game has a very realistic graphics and will allow you to feel in place of the main character. One big disadvantage is that the entire virtual currency is very expensive and only a few gamers can spend a large amount of money to purchase additional game resources. But we will help you with this. Using the cheat codes, you can get an unlimited amount of Money in the game without downloading Prey Day Survival mod and without breaking the rules. For more information, read the instructions.

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