Prison Architect: Mobile Cheat codes for Android, free Money – Secret, Tips

Prison Architect: Mobile is a free simulator that allows everyone to become a prison owner. Catch a thief, protect it with a wall and expand your possessions. Hire security guards, upgrade their skills and abilities and pay them money. Get subsidies from the country for each offender and skillfully spend resources. Constantly improve and expand your possessions and lead the correct management. You can download the game on Android and iOS, it will be available on tablets and widescreen phones. This is due to the large number of details on the screen. The premium currency in the form of bucks forces players during the testing phase, to look for a hack Prison Architect: Mobile. After all, the speed of development will be limited, but there are advantages. Having received a lot of money, the player forgets about the rules and ceases to follow all aspects. A jail management, the economic part requires you full attention. Expand your opportunities using secrets and advice.

Codes  Prison Architect: Mobile:

  • 500 000 money – RY*0938_eu
  • 3 000 dollars for free – BV*9821_cj

Any player on Android, or iOS get a lot of money and speed up the expansion process. This will save a lot of time, but you should spend resources wisely. Premium content will expand your capabilities and allow you to use more game features. Design and expand your domain, use Prison Architect: Mobile cheats to do without shopping in the game store.

Review, tips and secrets of the passage:

Create the safest prison, hire security guards and do not let the criminal escape. Watch out for all aspects of the game and do not be afraid of all the chaos that happens on the screen. The main thing is to monitor the indicators and build new blocks. Calculate the number of necessary guards and hire it. Pay money for their work and create additional premises. In your hands, the expansion of the prison and its administration.

The game is still raw and unfinished, after the official release it is expected that it will be more pleasant and convenient to manage. Download Prison Architect: Mobile mod and get a lot of money trying many, but often it’s a hoax. Using the codes you use the game store, without interference from outside programs. Build common, single cameras, training areas, dining rooms and other facilities.

Prison Architect: Mobile hack

Use the money to use premium items and game features.


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