Pro Highway Racers free money, cheat codes for Android

Sometimes unknown developers make games better than top ones, and Pro Highway Racers is an example of such a game. This is a racing simulator on Android and iOS in which everyone can enjoy endless races in tight traffic. Press the gas and go to the exciting journey, use acceleration and deceleration to set a new record. Drive the maximum distance to earn as much money as possible. Players are looking for hack Pro Highway Racers to get money to buy a faster car. Earning a thousand dollars for the race, you need to make 500 such attempts to collect on one of the most expensive cars. And they are in the game a lot and to unlock all the machines you need to play all the time, or make purchases in the game store. Everyone can get a lot of money without using hacking, free purchases are available to everyone, enough to study the instruction and follow the tips.

Codes Pro Highway Racers:

  • 300 000 money for free – HR*UEI_839
  • Disable ads – JC*UEI_819

You can use these secrets every day and get unlimited resources to your account. To use our method, the player does not need to download Pro Highway Racers mod, or to receive the special rights of the root device or jailbreak. Following the tips, you can unlock all the cars in a couple of days, as well as change the tracks. Discover all the game modes and collect the most expensive garage.

Review, tips, guide on the game, unlock auto for free

The free game has progenitors in the face of Traffic Racer, but has significant advantages. As for graphics, here it is much more realistic and higher in quality. Auto look really realistic and have high detail. The graphics of the track itself and the car around it also have a nice appearance. Real models of cars, buses and trucks. An interesting feature of this game is the ability to use slowdowns.

Complex situations arise quite often if they rush along the road with a mass of other cars. If you need more accuracy, or the ability to wriggle out, press the slow down button and point control the car. Each wheelbarrow has its own physics, handling, acceleration and deceleration. Using cheats Pro Highway Racers, you can try them all on the track and choose the right one. But most likely you will drive at the fastest, getting used to control, the game at high speed gives a lot of emotions.

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