ProtoStrike Android Cheat codes for free Money

ProtoStrike a mobile shooter with a fast-paced action on the screen. Soon, anyone can download the game for free on their devices, and is in beta game testing. Sign up for a test game on the official site. Everyone can take part in intense battles in real time. The game will have multiple servers, dozens of cards. Anyone can create their own map and invite her friends. The dynamics of battles is really amazing. Large selection of weapons, multiplayer battles and exciting gameplay attract you for a long time. Fans of online shooters for Android and iOS can rejoice, because the game claims to be the one of the best in this genre. Choose a team and fight, but before that read the tips and secrets. To get a decent weapon in the game, you need play money.

Secret codes ProtoStrike:

  • 25,000 of money for purchase – gxa_#qSpUs
  • Unlock all weapons – oyN_#t6GeJ

The camera pans over the field of battle, it allows you to see the position of the opponent and the surrounding area. It is an arena shooter where each will earn experience by killing opponents. Takes first place in the standings and earn extra rewards. Gold and money in the game allows you to experience total freedom in the game. Many people are looking for where to download this hack ProtoStrike. But it is enough to use the codes in the free purchase.

To play the game you do not need to download the mod ProtoStrike, or obtain root or jailbreak rights. Anyone can unlock for all the items from the game store. And even though the game has an overview of the camera in MOBA games, this arena shooter who needs quick response and a powerful weapon to win. Teams differ in color, it is convenient and allows you to quickly navigate. The graphics and maps in the game colorful, animation is made at the highest level.

ProtoStrike code for money

The gameplay in the game is very fast and dynamic. Constantly move through the map, it will move away from the bullets of the opposing team. Control of the game intuitive, on the one hand you choose the direction of movement. Placed right buttons that allow you to select weapons and shoot. In addition to the core, you can use additional weapons that can be found on the map, or buy for the money. Share your secrets with your friends and play together.



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