Protoxide: Death Race Android cheat codes, free Cash & Items

Protoxide: Death Race is a new racing game from the best developers. The essence of the game process is to first finish the finish on an unusual means of transportation. Combat supercars in this game are more like military comic ships. But this game does not become less interesting. On the contrary. Why does the game look like this? The developers want to show what the real world will look like in a few dozen years. And in this game, too, there is a virtual currency, despite the fact that you can download the game for free from official websites. Every player who likes this game wants to find hack Protaction: Death Race. But you need to know that this can bring you trouble related to the security of your mobile device. In order to avoid this, you should use hacks that are on trusted sites.

Cheat Codes Protoxide: Death Race:

  • Unlock All Items – O1#MtgSzD
  • 97 000 Cash – VP#oRsh5G

Our planet even now suffers from environmental problems. The developers of the game wanted to foresee the future of the Earth and created this game. Multiple cataclysms, global warming, tsunamis, problems with nuclear power plants – all this can bring to the apocalypse. The authors of the game wanted to show how the world will look in the future. But this is just a game in which your main goal is to win the race. In order to make it easier for you, you do not need to download mod Protoxide: Death Race.

And this is the key positive moment of our secret codes. In abandoned cities there are no laws and power. Rather, the main authority is the gang, which I do everything they want, but you can fix it. Using the Protaxy: Death Race cheats, you will significantly increase your level and learn even more game secrets. The game is more like a Hollywood blockbuster, in which you participate in racing at a crazy speed.

And thanks to this you can get a lot of positive emotions from the game and adrenaline. The game is really complicated and you have to get used to the management. The most important thing is to stay on the corners and not crash into the fence or any building. Money will provide you with many lives and energy. This will help to gain more experience and fight with opponents who have a really high level. Share this information on social networks and get more secrets.
Protoxide: Death Race cheat

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