Quantum Revenge Cheat codes for Android, free CR and EXP

Quantum Revenge is a shooter that you can download for free on Android and ios. Anime shooter in which you will clean up the galaxy from the villains. Rokuseya troops intrude into your solar system, destroying life on the planet. You’re part of an elite unit of the robots, which will stop the villain. Endless battle of enemies and bosses. The unique combination of 2D and 3D graphics in the battles. Saving the Earth is in your hands. For this you need a lot of firepower and Quantum Revenge of money for the modernization of the ship and buying weapons. Change your abilities, use a variety of attacks and super hits. Update all the elements of armor and modules. Show your pilot skills and the protection of life. To gain experience and get the most points for the passage of tasks. This will allow you to get into the top ranking players on the achievements and get additional rewards.

Quantum Revenge cheat codes:

  • 100,000 CR (lots of money) – ei35-dnB3
  • Double experience – b5ZG-lEaq
  • Unlock all items – maFA-JyrM

Resources in the game will be necessary to upgrade and installation of new parts. The player must have a fast response and combat power. After all, your opponents will be robotic opponents. The original is the introduction of super hit, which you can use after his full recovery. During the use of impact the game switches to 3D mode, you will see beautiful animations as you hit the enemy.

Show your skills around the world, dial the maximum points and fall into the online leaderboard. Many are trying to use this for Quantum Revenge hack. But if you check a lot of sites offering to wind resources I can assure that this method does not work. Without prejudice to the rules of the game, everyone can get additional resources and unlock all items in the game store.

Quantum Revenge cheat codes

Having the best weapons and armor you can get even more enjoyment in epic battles. A huge number of effects and high-quality animation awaits you on the screen. Defeat bosses and get additional rewards. Management of the game is a convenient and allows you to quickly respond to the changing environment. Adjust your Robo to your own preferences. To do this, you do not need to download the mod Quantum Revenge, or receive special rights. Free purchases available both for Android and iOS devices.


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