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Raft Survival 3 mod

Online every man for himself, resources, materials, there is no thirst and hunger, new fashions and kraft, blocks, all modes are open – all this is Cheats Raft Survival 3. The new update, which is only available by hacking the official version, will add to the feeling of struggle and strategy . It is required to protect your home not only from an attack from the water, but also against real rivals who are also not building up their fortifications. The main thing is to survive at all costs and not give up your resources. There were new blocks, materials, craft, new types of weapons. The codes are suitable for all platforms: android, windows, linux, epl.

The hack Raft Survival 3 offers:

Boxes become much more spacious, 2 times more than the character’s inventory. And there was a button “move all”, which allows you to shorten the time of transfer of materials. Cheats on the hook – you can now grab the resources that cross the rope hook. The throwing distance is increased fourfold, but there is the possibility of biting the rope with a shark. Ready block codes. There were iron, concrete fastening piles in the water, arches, glass tunnels.

Raft Survival 3 hack

New materials for craft: glass and foundry (sand is picked up from the ocean floor by a bucket); iron casting machines, blends and more possibility to go down (build) under the water, where you can collect sand and extract metal from the bottom. There were lifts and automation of the processes of extraction of resources and construction materials. Cheats for attacking monsters. Now you can increase the difficulty level, you attack katratka, kraken and the most difficult – smugglers who can land on your floating island. Hacking Raft Survival 3 multiplayer for 5 people – but you do not run together, and every man for himself. Everyone builds his fortress and can reach any player and kill him by taking possession of the floating island and resources.

Cheat codes Raft Survival 3 + bug fixes and bugs:

1. gX84574Y
2. Dr73463jk
3. w78329vD
4. qB8892GM
5. PT8907Af
6. B748329fx
7. og80329C
8. 4p8972Pd
9. Dx9802nW
10. Pi7832K9
11. 4X9803Hb
12. y890932Mj

Android cheats without downloading Raft Survival 3 mod, tips for passing

Indicators of thirst, hunger and health, which can not in any case be forgotten. Water can be replenished with a simple device that evaporates salt water and collects fresh water from condensate. With food much more difficult, it is necessary to make a fishing rod and fish – after cooking it on a fire or replenish the provisions of provisions from passing barrels and boxes. Do not forget about the weapon, because periodically the shark is not, no, and will attack your raft, gnawing pieces of wood and trying to dump into the water.

Raft Survival 3 cheats

Hacked Raft Survival 3 for Cash:

Tips Raft Survival 3: collect foliage for weaving ropes, wood – expanding the boundaries of the raft and generally the most needed resource. To quickly collect the floating materials, we advise the first thing (at the beginning of the game) to make 3-4 catching grids. This will not distract you from crafting, beating off a raft from a shark attack and many other processes. It is necessary to expand, taking up as much space on the water as possible in order to run faster and collect the necessary resources passing by. When you kill a shark, you get her meat. But do not so quickly rejoice, in its place will sail one more, and maybe several.

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