Rage of Kings Cheat codes, Android free Gold, and Money

Protect your land and crown, repel invaders and strengthen your power in the game Rage of Kings. Download for Android you can for free but in order to play in full, you will need a lot of money. Each player has the choice to spend real money, or use hack Rage of Kings. But everyone there is another option, use the bonus codes, and secrets. This will maintain the high dynamics of development and rapidly increase your level in the game. Crush your enemies, replenishing your supply of resources. So is it possible to find a reliable and strong allies, which will help strengthen the power. Gold in the game you need to strengthen your castle and buy food and other resources. With the castle you will have a lot of buildings, barracks, hospitals and more. All this requires the modernization and improvements. It is necessary to create a powerful army.

Rage of Kings cheat codes:

  • 250,000 gold for free (bonus code) – E4hjah_#1tlR

The resources are needed for the development of the castle and buildings. This in turn will affect the power of your army. Form powerful teams for defense and offense. To capture the territory lying near, you have to spend tens of battles with evil lords. You will receive the resources passing tasks of a single mission. Each PvP battles also will reward in the form of gold coins, and resources. Gaining victories, the player receives money Rage of Kings and experience in large quantity.

The stronger the opponent, the greater the reward as a result of battle. Increasing your level show yourself as an intelligent ruler. Proper management of resources and the support of the city, built a strategy of conducting battles. All this will bring you fame and allow your city to prosper. Players can organize alliances and support each other. Share your secrets with your friends and have strong support in the defense of their territories.

Rage of Kings hack

For resources, the player does not need to download mod Rage of Kings, or obtain root privileges. Free of charge and without any violations of the rules can get a lot of money on the development of the castle and use them at own will. Update your castle, barracks and defensive walls. Create an impregnable castle and a powerful army. Take part in exciting battles PvP, get experience and create their own business strategy. Use the tips to quickly improve the game.


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