Ragnarok Online for Android, free Zeny. Secrets & Tips

If you have not played this game on your PC, it’s time to start doing it on a mobile device. Ragnarok Online is a MMORPG game created in the best traditions. This is not the first attempt to move the game to mobile devices, but the first time to get a decent version. Now everyone can download the game and enjoy improved graphics and easy control. Two years of careful work will allow developers to achieve perfection, and not to spoil the famous game. If you’ve played it before, you will find here a lot of familiar locations, characters and monsters. Each player can manage here without money to get special privileges and VIP options. Using secret codes to free purchases, you can get additional resources for the passage completely free.

Ragnarok Online Codes:

  • 17,500 Zeny – 6D1_#YDelB

Travel the world, conduct battle and earn experience. This will allow you to improve and open up new weapons and armor. Players are actively looking for Ragnarok Online hack to get the money for purchases. This allows you to save time and speed up the passage. With powerful weapons, magic you can perform tasks faster and get more experience for passage.

Control of the game easy enough, click on the place where you want to move. At the top right of the screen you will see a map, it will focus on location. Right at the bottom you can choose strikes, drug, or other actions. For those who first started the game, it will be difficult to navigate in space. But after going a short training and getting further instructions, you will quickly figure everything out. As for graphics, it is even better than the original game, all the drawing was made on a new level.

Ragnarok Online money

Each player can download Ragnarok Online mod for free. To do this you will need to gigabytes of free space. All actions in the game take place online, you can chat with other players and learn from their experience. Explore the free world and take part in epic battles. Everyone gets a unique experience, as you decide where to go and whom to meet. In the game you can take a career and participate in team battles. In the game everyone is equal, there is a single currency Zeny. It allows you to purchase hats and other items in the store. Each player can get zeny Ragnarok Online for free using free purchases.


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