Rainbow Tail Cheat Codes for Gems, Lives and Potion for free without downloading mod apk

If you are tired of the usual games three in a row and you want something new, rather download the game and use the correct hack Rainbow Tail. The main characters in the game are the Gemlings. The developers claim that this game is a combination of the classic all-known game three in a row and catching Pokémon. This is really so, because you can collect a variety of funny or dangerous creatures and develop them, instill in them new skills and increase their level of strength. The combination of two such popular games should bring immense popularity to the game, developers guarantee. The beta version of the game Rainbow Tail has long been ready. You can download the game for free and help developers improve the gameplay. At the moment, you have a unique opportunity to get a lot of crystals, potions and lives, which are the main and most necessary currency in the game. Life ends very quickly and you need to do something about it. For example, you can use secret codes.

Bonus codes Rainbow Tail for Android and IOS:

• Double Potion – Z # _Che09
• 9,000 Gems – N # _Mbs03
• Double Lives – J # _Pdw07

As you can see, all the necessary resources can be obtained for free in a huge amount, using cheats Rainbow Tail. This method does not require a lot of money or a lot of time spent. This method is very easy to use, since you do not need to download additional files or get rights for hacking.

How to get a lot of crystals, Rainbow Tail lives for free, game review, secrets:

Despite the fact that the official version of the game is not yet, gamers have already appreciated the idea of ​​the developers. Judging by the reviews, this game will be a real hit. The game already has many different characters. You can collect them and enjoy their development. In order to get a new Pokemon, you must go through the battle – that is, guess the puzzle three in a row. Collect combinations and develop new characters.

With each month, many new characters will appear in the game, which should be even more interesting and unusual than the previous ones. Enter secret codes, for this you do not need to download Rainbow Tail mod. Get a lot of gaming experience and the opportunity to fight with the best gamers. You too can be the best, but for this you need experience. Get it and share this article on social networks.


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