Rangoli Rekha: Color Match Cheats for Gold, Android and iOS, not mod for Gold

The casual game three in a row will allow you to solve interesting puzzles and receive a lot of virtual currency for free. If you want to get a lot of extra resources in the game, you should use hack Rangoli Rekha: Color Match. Do not worry about the game account security account because these codes do not require the downloading of mods or receiving files for hacking. This game three in a row will help you get a lot of virtual resources quickly and for free. Get a lot of bonuses thanks to additional information. If you want to be the best of the best, then do it quickly and for free. The butterflies will help you. Overcome the evil forces and become a real leader in this casual game. And cheat codes Rangoli Rekha: Color Match will help you to do it quickly and for free. Proper use of resources will help you to constantly get many lives, this is not an easy task. The difficulty is that many gamers do not know how to correctly enter codes.

Chita Rangoli Rekha: Color Match for Android and Ios:

  • Full Lives – D_f430w9egh
  • 60 000 Gold – W_g3029fie
  • Add +8 Moves – E_fgew8gihve

If it is important for you to have additional resources in the game, then use only proven codes or other methods of hacking. Our method is absolutely safe and you can use it multiple times. If you do not have enough resources in the game, you can get additional resources by using free cheat codes for free purchases. Learn the secrets of the game Rangoli Rekha: Color Match and get many lives.

There are many different figures on the playing field. You should carefully read the task and collect only those figures that are indicated in your assignment. With this, you can provide additional virtual resources quickly and easily. If you collect other pieces or confuse the task, you simply do not have enough moves to finish the level.

Many resources in the game without downloading mod Rangoli Rekha: Color Match:

If you have already lost all lives – you do not need to wait half an hour or half a day for these lives to be restored. You can simply enter the codes and get the maximum number of lives in order to continue the passage of tasks. Ask the butterflies for help if you do not know which move you should take. It often happens that you do not have enough moves to complete the level. In this case, you can use free codes. Read the instructions and get additional virtual money in just a few minutes.

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