Rapid Clash free Gold, Cheat codesf for Android, Tips & Guide

Participate in numerous battles in the free game Rapid Clash. Collect a team of famous warriors, carry out improvements and receive numerous awards. Test your strength in the battles with other players. Develop your own tactics of fighting. Win and earn gold, wood and food. You will need it to create powerful defense, and also improve the army. Players do not need to use hack Rapid Clash to get gold. The premium currency of the game gives a significant advantage. It allows you to unlock elite army types, and also improve existing warriors. Increase the characteristics to get victories in more difficult rivals. Get more experience and rewards for achievements in the game. Use secrets to replenish resources and play without limits.

Codes Rapid Clash:

  • 14,750 gold for free – X99HFUg*372
  • Replenish the stock of the tree to a maximum – JSBYjiY*794
  • Replenish the supply of food for a maximum – HHHXjiY*732

Test your team, spread the defensive walls and meet face to face with enemies. Destroy the opponent, quickly restore strength and use the strategic advantage. The player does not need to get root or jailbreak right to get a lot of money in the game. Downloading Rapid Clash mod to get resources is also insecure. Use the codes for free purchases and enjoy an abundance of resources.

Review of the game, tips and secrets:

The strategy game has an interesting gameplay in which the player will meet face to face with the enemy. Pleasant game graphics, dozens of unique characters and a flexible battle system. On the basis of the player has the opportunity to create a team, to open and improve new fighters. When joining the battle, inspect its possessions and choose the right team for the battle. This is a card game, during a battle the battles take place in 3D mode.

In your hands choose a card of the fighter and let him out on the field. You need to know the pros and cons of each card in order to strategically calculate the forces. Using the Rapid Clash cheats, a player can always restore resources and continue battles. This will speed up your passage and raise the level. Command the army, take the most impregnable towers and siege, and receive unique rewards. Raising the level and using gold you can quickly unlock the cards of all the characters.


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