Realm Wars Cheats for Gems, Unlock a lot of Cards for free, Android secrets and Tips

Do you know how to properly use the hack Realm Wars? Then we will tell you some secrets that will be very useful for you if you do not want to spend real money on purchases in the game. This game is an action, but that’s not all. Definitely, the game can be called a strategy, since you must carry out tactical battles in order to conquer the castle of the enemy. If you do not do this first, then you lose. This game was supposed to come out much later, but the developers decided to present players from around the world a beta version of the game.

Of course, there may be some flaws in it, but after the release of the official version you will not see them any more, as at the moment developers are eliminating all the problems in the game. We do not suggest that you use a break-in that violates the rules of the game. We offer secret cheats Realm Wars, which will allow each player to save money. Especially relevant is still at an early stage of testing the game, but you can also use these codes in the official versions of the game.

Cheat Codes Realm Wars for Android and IOS:

• Add 15 Cards – P_g329reid
• Add 7 000 Gems – L_f789ewu
• Add double Rewards – N_e584eiu

The use of all kinds of hacking in the game can lead to unforeseen negative consequences. We recommend that you use only proven methods without downloading mod Realm Wars, as this method often does not bring positive results and has a negative impact on the mobile device. The best that we can offer you is the secret codes that you see above.

Using codes for obtaining crystals, cards and awards for free:

You have to fight with a powerful army of the enemy and the faster you raise your level, the more powerful your enemy becomes. Use unlimited resources in the game and get even more warriors – this is your main resource during the battles. You can unlock ordinary soldiers, people, orcs, trolls, monsters and others. All of them have different skills, you have to choose exactly what suits you.
For the correct use of codes, you need to first get access to instructions for their introduction, and then you need to read it carefully. Get a lot of fun from the gameplay and use the secret codes for quick and guaranteed victories in the game Realm Wars.


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